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宝而吉机械(上海)有限公司为比利时-意大利-德国Boucherie Borghi Group集团公司在中国投资设立的子公司,于1997年开始进入中国市场,专营牙刷,化妆刷,家庭用刷,工业用刷等自动高速生产设备以及塑胶模具。其中进口组装的植毛机和拖把机以优良的品质,卓越的性能,超值的性价比赢得了客户的好评。

BMS, the subsidiary of Boucherie Borghi Group who has the production facilities in Belgium, Italy and Germany, starting the business in China since 1997, devotes himself for assembling, selling and service of toothbrush, cosmetic brush, household brush, industrial brush making machines and plastic injection moulds. Filling machines and mop machine are assembled with mostly imported parts. The good quality, versatile functions and unbeatable price performance ratio are admired by most customers.