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Blister machine BM-DUO


泡罩包装机,型号 BM-DUO

The BM-DUO is an economical stand-alone blister packaging machine designed for small and medium sized products.

Either hand loading or integration into a production machine is possible.


Description of the machine


  • Forming, filling, sealing and cutting station are mounted on a mono-block machine frame.
  • 含有吸塑成型,放入产品,热封和切割工位
  • Forming and sealing station operated by means of pneumatic cylinders.
  • 吸塑和热封工位有气缸驱动
  • Film unwind axis is equipped with a tension and brake control with a pneumatic controlled roller. Machine stops when film is running out.
  • 塑料片材的送入是通过气动控制的旋转轴来控制一定的张力和刹车。当片材用完后,机器会自动停机。
  • Pre-heating plates (direct contact sandwich type) are temperature controlled with separate thermocouples for top and bottom.
  • 预热板由放置在上下两面的独立的电热板恒温控制
  • Good quality thermoforming (2-up) is achieved by the use of vacuum and compressed air.
  • 同时使用了真空和压缩空气来保证高质量的塑料成型(双拼)
  • After forming the individual blister shells are detached from the film: this eliminates pulling and stretching of the film.
  • 成型后的泡罩会从片材上切割下来,从而避免了后续的拉伸和变形。
  • Ample loading area where the brushes can be manually or automatically fed into the blister shells.
  • 牙刷等口腔产品可手工或自动放入泡罩
  • Magazine for backer card supply with pick and place robot to put the backer card onto the blister shell. .
  • 含纸卡仓,自动抓取纸卡,并放置在泡罩上
  • Sealing by means of heat and pressure with sensor to check if the cover material is present.
  • 在热封合前,电眼自动检测是否有纸卡
  • Economical single die punching Station.
  • 节约成本的单只冲切模
  • The waste is automatically separated from the blisters resulting in a continuous production process.
  • 废料同成品分离开来,从而保证了生产的不间断运行
  • Speed control by frequency converter on the main Motor
  • 主马达通过变频控制速度
  • Operation speed, production numbers, error messages and troubleshooting are shown on the touch Screen.
  • 触摸屏上显示运行速度,生产数量,错误信息和错误原因分析
  • Easy and fast change-over from one blister model to another.
  • 方便和快速更换泡罩款式
  • PLC control with touch screen interface. 
  • PLC程序控制
  • Including 2-up tooling for a 42 mm wide Blister
  • 包含42毫米宽的双拼包装模具